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SubZero is a featured fantasy Romance webtoon by Junepurrr about a world where the Azure and Crimson royalty are able to shift into dragons. The last Azure Dragon, crown princess Clove, and a Crimson Dragon, crown prince Kyro, both from two warring kingdoms are marrying to form an alliance, unite their countries and end their war.

The 5 Best WEBTOONS for Newcomers to the Genre

Updates every Monday. What would you sacrifice to save your family? How far would you go to protect your people? For Clove, the last princess of a near-extinct Dragon clan, the answer is unthinkable: MARRY your greatest sworn enemy in an effort to bring peace to your land.

The ancient dragons had a disagreement which caused a war between the Azure and Crimson clans who fought in their honor. Knowing the war would outlive them they attached their spirits to the royal bloodline allowing them to shift in their divine form. But Clove the last cerulean dragon is not able to shift so this poses the question if the bloodline is over, and how she must hide her secret so her enemies won't kill her. People who can shift into dragons are able to talk to them when they meditate and heal quickly.

Physical Desc : Lengthy, sultry red hair as well as bright, sapphire blue eyes. Described by Kharis as to have nice legs and a busty figure. Her hair is commonly worn in a high ponytail with two strands left out on either side of her face.

Clove also has a dragon tattoo that swirls around her back; since the assassination attempt, the tattoo has become more prominent and seems to be glowing red. I hope to see a future where the people of our clans can feel safe and prosper. Should any man help me realize such a dream, I would follow him to the ends of this Earth.

Physical Desc : Brown hair that seems to be styled backward with few strands falling over his forehead. Kyro has bright, devilish amber eyes and a masculine build. He is also described as handsome. Kyro has a red dragon tattoo that marred his skin around his arms and back. Personality : Has feelings for Clove, doesn't trust anyone who isn't Azure, protects Clove, good fighting, jealous. Physical Desc : Brown hair, amber eyes, 5 feet, and 4 inches tall, dragon tattoo on her left thigh.

Personality : Carefree, treated like gold by Kyro, energetic, sassy but fun, enjoys being with Clove. She lost her brother when she was young and has helped Kyro since. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Official Trailer SubZero. Categories :. Cancel Save.Feng Qi Cang Lan Tang Yin Zai Yi Jie Yong Heng Zhi Zun Eternal Reverence Domestic na Kanojo Martial Peak God of Martial Arts Today Manga. H Feng Qi Cang Lan just now Menhera Shoujo Kurumi-chan just now 88 - Not interested Creepy Cat just now 84 - Strong Cat 83 82 Uncle Cool just now 51 - Chapter 51 50 Reborn 80, years less than an hour 44 - Reborn 80, years 44 Micah less than an hour 44 - Chapter Path of the Sword less than an hour 22 - Path of the Sword Battle Through The heavens: Return of the Beasts less than an hour The Black Haired Princess less than an hour 24 - Chapter 24 23 22 Monochrome Lovers less than an hour 22 - Don't treat me like a child.

Jungle Guu less than an hour 61 - Chapter Journey to the West 1 hour ago Journey to The West Zheng Jian he 1 hour ago For 5kg! Empress's Harem 1 hour ago 40 - Empress's Harem Kouya ni Kemono Doukokusu 1 hour ago 50 - Molting. Jiken Jaken! Yumi's Cells 2 hours ago - Ep. Otome Monster Caramelize 2 hours ago 13 - Vol. Fusoroi no Renri 3 hours ago 29 - Fusoroi no Renri Gangnam Dokkaebi 3 hours ago 2 - Gangnam Dokkaebi 2. Meme Girls 3 hours ago 46 - Cat Girl Vs.Whether you are in for a quick summer read or a long journey full of cliffhangers and hilarious comments, the vibrant WEBTOON community welcomes you with open arms and really good fan theories.

The plot follows the practice of Dr. Frost, a brilliant but emotionless psychologist and Seong Ahyoon, an aspiring clinical psychology student, as they diagnose and attempt to treat their ailing patients.

The art itself seems simplistic and cartoonish, but the attention that the author puts into shading the backgrounds and the precision with which each facial expression is drawn helps set the mood perfectly for the WEBTOON. In addition, Lee has an uncanny way of making the reader think about their own actions and how they portray themselves to the public.

As Lee uses Dr.

subzero webtoon fastpass

Also set in modern day South Korea, the plot follows an introverted and disabled young man, Jin, and his struggle to expose his socially adept serial killer of a father. The use of muted colors in the art matches perfectly with the distorted lens through which the protagonist, Jin, sees his life. Just as life and morality present many gray areas, the art and the shading of the comic also relies heavily upon a grayscale with somber and muted colors to suit the ominous tone of the story.

The facial expressions given to each character are also carefully crafted and help hint at their moral nature.

subzero webtoon fastpass

For instance, following the example of manga, those who are portrayed to be morally upstanding or concerned for humanity are often drawn with larger eyes, while those with villainous traits tend to have narrower eyes. Oh my God. Where to begin with this one? From God wanting to set the devil, Lucifer who is affectionately called Lucyon various dates with dead gay men, to Him getting tipsy off of beer and accidentally creating the dinosaurs, the creators never publish a dull episode.

Although it might not have as much shading detail as some other WEBTOONs do, the solid-colored characters and backgrounds work well with this comedic take on Christianity. Set in a vaguely feudal Japanese era, this story follows the life of Kihara Mei, whose link to the infamous Blood King results in a heart racing and mentally taxing life in the royal palace.

The attention paid to the coloring of each scene is enough to make you wonder how possible it is for one author to publish these episodes weekly. The endless abs and arms are enough to seduce most readers, but the drawings of the scenery could belong at an art museum. The breathtaking way that Lifelight draws the looming moon against the starry or brooding night sky, and the way that the sunlight sparkles and streams through a blanket of lush grass deserves more than just a moment of appreciation.

Some of the best tidbits come from the moments of comedy when Lifelight steps back from drawing intricately shining anime eyes to a more comical and simplistic and often annoyed eye roll for her characters.

subzero webtoon fastpass

This story follows Daniel Park, a horribly bullied and self-pitying high schooler who wakes up one day in the body of an attractive young man.I keep on looking at the comments of fast passable webtoons, and people who have payed for it feel scammed ect. Comments complaining about having to wait for 3 weeks, and how they regret it, since the pace stays the same even if they get to read ahead. I haven't fast passed, but I find it interesting the backlash this feature is getting.

You'd think it would go over well for the people who paid. People also want this fast pass money to go to the creators of the webtoons, but no one is sure if it is or isn't going to them. But tbh I don't like reading ahead and having to wait even longer for new content So I would prefer a donate button over a fast pass That's just my preference tho. Yeah I'm finding a lot of comments saying that. People also seem to want to support it if it gives money to the translators, but imo I think its just going to the company as a whole, not specific groups.

Oh yeah that fast pass is like a trap. Once you fast-pass 3 episodes of the comic, you will need to wait for 21 days for it to be free, or you can buy coins again to fast-pass that one available episode. People who fast-pass still have to wait one week like any other.

They have to pay continiously just to have the same feature as a non-paying reader, the only difference being that they are 3 epidode ahead I don't know if it'll really work.

[Official Trailer] SubZero

They should offer stuf like access to sketchs, WIPs etc. There paying reader would have MORE thant the free reader. How much does a fast pass cost in actual dollars? It sounds similar to the early access rewards that many independent creators, me included, offer on our patreons.

The difference being a monthly payment rather than one each update. This means at my previous offer, which sold just fine with very few complaints the complaints I had were usually from people who didn't read instructions, couldn't navigate patreon, and ignored my private messages offering to help them. Let's also bear in mind that most people who offer early access do not offer this much and prices will vary. I'd say my services are relatively cheap.

Each and every creator and their respective contracted partners is entitled to setting their own prices on their content, as they are the owners and creators of the content itself. Their comics, their rules. I just think it would be more fair to create a relative comparison to other established salesforms in the business, since this is a new thing for webtoon.I know — it sounds too good to be true.

But this actually works. You know, back when life and Disney World were simpler. I just went. And I rode everything under the sun — over and over and over again. It was beautiful.

Fast forward toand the thought of not planning for a Disney trip makes me feel sweaty and anxious. Sad, but true. Disney World has become a vacation that requires a TON of planning — and it can be very overwhelming as a newbie. Fastpasses, dining reservations, day windows, and on and on and on.

I kept thinking — I should wait to share this one. And then I thought — why wait? Being at the park of your choice for rope drop is so important in terms of making the most of your day. The second most important thing? Plan your 3 Fastpasses for first thing in the morning.

This is a bit controversial — there are lots of folks who suggest booking your Fastpasses for the afternoon when lines are typically longest is the best use of them.

Not true! Yes — lines are long in the afternoon. As soon as that window opens for you, schedule your three allotted Fastpasses for 9amam, 10amam, and 11am Yes, you are. Which leads us to the next step:. So — as soon as you scan your band on your third scheduled Fastpass, open the My Disney Experience App on your phone and start looking for a 4th fastpass.

Every member of your party who has used their three allotted Fastpasses will be eligible for a 4th. This is where I feel that park hoppers become really beneficial. So — are you still with me? The beauty of this plan is its simplicity. In order to get the most out of this plan, there are a few small things to remember.These are my 3 favorite for their art. Meme made by me. Any SubZero fastpassers out there?!

I just fastpassed tonight and oh my gosh I need to scream! What on Earth! Do you have any Webtoon recommendations that's similar to purple hyacinth? I'm still not over it :. Lore Olympus- The poster-child of webtoon and for good reason. A retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth except Olympus is like a modern city while the mortals live in typical ancient Greek times.

Over chapters up and still being updated! Both of the royal lines of these two clans are the vessels for dragon spirits which started the war and Clove is the last of the Azure dragons. Of all the series I read this is the closest thematically to PH in terms of drama, stakes and ships.

! Fast Pass !

Over 60 chapters out and currently being updated weekly! Sorry I had to. This story focuses on merpeople who live in castles under the sea. I just love it! She takes him and as they try to figure out how to get rid of the curse. So yeah these, along with Purple Hyacinth, are my main webtoons! But yeah sorry for writing way too much! And if you have read them let me know your opinion of them! SubZero updates on Mondays on Webtoon!

Voting closes June 20th! Tagged by simplyyinspired.This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Information and Application for Two new Jobs! Feature Application. She didn't understand how a mother could just leave her daughter to die. Not so loud! Mother isn't getting that wish.

subzero webtoon fastpass

Kyro and I won't allow it, there's still hope! She missed when Luna would co Go check it out here! Clove followed Kahris through the halls, still a bit shaken. What was she like before? I only ask because-" "You wish to be a supportive wife when the time comes. I understand A lively little thing. Our Father's littl Just a quick reminder that you can be featured anytime you want!! But the post you send must follow the guidelines Feel free to make a fanfic, fanart, quiz etc.

Make sure to read the Feature Application There is a minimum level of 7 or 8 to actually make the post! Just a precaution to know Kahris looks up to see Kyro's angry face. She has no right to see her in this state! It's best to listen to him" Clove reluctantly followed, knowing this wasn't going to help Kyr Next Page. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

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